Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Canceled Plans

One bad thing about getting laid off in January was that we actually had planned on taking a vacation over spring break with the girls.  I was planning on having be the last "family vacation" we would go on before Sarah left for college.  Well that got cancelled the day I got laid off.

However, one of Sarah's friends asked her if she wanted to come along with her family on their Spring Break trip to Florida.  Apparently her friend has an older brother who is in college and was originally planning on going along, but then decided not to, so there was room for her to go along if she wanted to.  I feel bad the Ali has to stay home, but at least Sarah will get to go do something over her break.  Although, had I known I would have found a job, we would have been able to keep our original plans.  I suppose it is best though.  Maybe we can do something down the line as a family over summer before Sarah leaves for school.  Or maybe we can figure out something over one of the holidays this fall/winter when she is home (assuming she wants to hang out with the old people).