Saturday, January 30, 2016

Not Last

Alison had her second cheer competition of the year today, well third really, but I don't count the Indian Invite since that was only an exhibition.  Their second competition was cancelled after the varsity coach watched the tape of the Indian Invite performance, and December was spent redoing their routine.  And their performance at State Jam ended up fourth out of four teams in their category.  But I will say that it was still a whole lot better than their first performance.

This time they had three teams to compete against, and one of them was a team that had beat them at State.  So we all figured they were going to be competing for second place.  Their routine is fairly simple, and by that I mean not a high degree of difficulty, so they need to nail every move.  And luckily, they had a very good performance with very few mistakes.  So then it all came down to the third team.  I thought they were pretty good, and very comparable to the Falls girls, so it was going to be close.

When it came time to announce the awards, and Menomonee Falls wasn't called when the third place team was announced, the girls all screamed.  I think they knew they weren't going to place first, but with all the setbacks they have had this year, at least they can say that they finished a competition not in last place.  The girls even all got medals for second place.  So all in all it wasn't a bad day.  You have to take the small victories when you get them.