Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Possible Complication?

I got home from work today and Kris had a letter sitting by my laptop from Marquette that was addressed to Sarah.  I opened it and it said that Sarah had been awarded the Pere Marquette Scholarship, $14,500 per year. So that takes care of about 40% of the annual tuition.  Not that it will make all that much difference, but if when we file all the financial aid paperwork she ends up getting a decent amount of aid, maybe she'll decide that she wants to go to MU instead of UW-LaCrosse.  But that is a big maybe.  I'm not sure I am going to even say anything to her about it because she'll just freak out about having to make a decision.  So if when all the FA comes in, the costs are similar, maybe I'll tell her, but otherwise, LaCrosse is still the choice.