Saturday, July 2, 2016

Annual Waste Day

It is the 2nd of July which means it is time to completely waste a day with the annual “sit on the sidewalk to get a parade spot day”.  We weren’t planning on fighting for a spot for the parade any more since it really is a little kid thing to do and I didn’t much fancy the thought of wasting a day waiting around again.  But then Alison made the cheer team and we figured that we pretty much had to go.  So then I started calling around to see who else might want to go and sit with us so I knew how large of a spot to reserve.

Since this year it was on a Saturday I thought for sure I would need to be out there waiting by 7:30 AM at the latest.  But I decided to end up going out a little earlier, just in case.  Well it was a good thing I did go earlier, because by 8:00, pretty much all the spots along the street to the HS had been “claimed”.  Luckily, people are nice enough to allow you to claim a spot and as long as you are willing to sit and wait (and don’t go overboard with how much land you want to take up) they respect where you decide to stake off.  

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!  See you at the parade.