Friday, November 17, 2017

Day Off - Competition Prep

Just like last year, the Friday before Indian Invite is preparation day.  Last year we spent all our time after I left work until we got to school to set-up running around and then a good three hours or so at the school getting things set up in the kitchen.  This year I decided to take the day off so that I had time to do all the necessary running around getting the last minute items before going over to school.  We needed to go run to Sam’s Club and get the things that needed refrigeration, but had to more or less be fresh, such as shredded lettuce, and a few other last minute items.  I also needed to pick up some bakery items that were being donated (thank you very much Kwik Trip).  Overall, things went much smoother with taking the day off, so if we have to do it again next year, I think that is going to be the way to go.  Now we just have the completion tomorrow and then we can relax.