Monday, November 6, 2017

The Final Cut

I got a break in the weather of about a day where it will be sunny and dry, and not too cold today.  I busted my hump to get done at work so I could get home and get the grass cut before it got dark (which is now around 4:45).  I think I am the only one in the neighborhood who takes yard waste to the landfill for composting.  Everyone else collects their grass clippings and leaves and dumps them in the street this time of the year.  Which ultimately ends up blowing back in my yard, since the Village hasn’t come around to collect them yet. 

So I figured this would be the best time to drop my deck and go low for the last time this year.  That way, if the grass did end up growing a little more, it still wouldn’t be too long before the frost completely killed it for the year.  I ended up with three large yard bags full of clippings, about a 50-50 mix of grass and leaves.  Prepping for winter is certainly a drag, but now I can focus on getting all the other stuff put away for the season.  Although the mower is still going to be left out for a couple of weeks (as long as it doesn’t snow) to collect more leaves, because until everything has dropped, I’ll still have them blowing into the yard.