Thursday, February 1, 2018

New Logo?

Earlier this year, we had a Cheer merchandise store open to buy shirts, jackets, etc. to support Alison’s cheerleading team, and help raise money for her trip to Nationals. To put it bluntly, the options sucked! We were told we had to go thru a site/company “approved” by the school and athletic dept. It made me think that someone, somewhere was getting some sort of kickback. The stuff was so generic, I don’t know why I ended up getting anything at all.

So fast forward to December when one of the other cheerleading parents decided to go thru the company they used last year for their fundraiser clothing to get some cool new gear. I mentioned that I had some ideas for a cool logo that would be unique to the cheer team, and not associated with the school at all. My thought was that if you wanted something with just the school logo on it, getting something that just said “cheer” or “cheerleading” is not very marketable. What HS boy is going to want to wear a cheerleading shirt? So you have to design something that EVERYONE will want to wear, not just cheerleading parents. That being said, I sent a few ideas to the parent running it, and she thought one of them was very cool, and very unique. I mentioned that she should make sure we could use it, because it was a depiction of an indian head, which of course is forbidden by the spineless school board. The principal supposedly looked at it and gave his blessing. So the day after Christmas links were sent out, and then promptly shut down because Ali’s coach informed the parent that the logo was not allowed because it did have an indian head incorporated into it.

You be the judge.

My thought on it is first of all, this is not “offensive” and secondly, No one is going to tell me what I can and can’t wear when it comes to a t-shirt, or a sweat shirt. If I wore a Cleveland Indians shirt, or Washington Redskins shirt, would they kick me out of the gym? The parent updated the link and options for merchandise to remove my design, but I still think I may look for a site online where I can have something made, if for no other reason than to say screw you, I’ll wear what I want! Hopefully I can get this sketch cleaned up and sent someplace to have a shirt or sweatshirt made up before Nationals.

I actually think this would be a very unique, new design that looks much better and marketable than the ridiculous “F” logo. Mainly because we are Menomonee Falls, not Falls! I should trademark it so if anyone wants to possibly use it in the future, I get paid!  At the very least I may buy a couple of plain shirts and see how much it would cost to get it put on.