Friday, August 26, 2016

First Road Trip

Sarah is getting her first taste of a college road trip tonight.  She is going to spend the night with some of her friends in Madison.  One of her friends a moved into school a little more than a week early, from what I have heard, to help get the campus ready for the big move in, and to help other kids move into their dorms.  But unfortunately, that means he is there alone for about a week before hand.  So Sarah and some of her friends are going to drive out to hang out with him and keep him company.  I don’t know exactly what they are going to plan on doing, other than walk around campus, maybe go out to get something to eat.  I don’t think there is much to do until school is in session.  I suppose she’ll get the idea of what it’ll be like if she ever decides to go visit any of her other friends at school in the coming year.  As long as she stays out of bars and away from house parties I’m fine with it.  I also need to remember to tell her, if you are ever at a party, nothing good ever happens after the football team shows up.