Sunday, September 11, 2016


After the Packer game today I decided to go out and wash the cars.  It was a perfect day to do it, low humidity, low 70s and sunny.  Kris was outside doing some trimming of her flowers, or something like that, and she said to me as I was washing her car, “there’s something in the garage”.  I didn’t know exactly what she meant, so I stopped for a second she said, there was a bird, or a bat flying around in the rafters of the garage.  Then she saw what it was, a woodpecker.  I have no idea how a woodpecker would have decided to fly into the garage, but even more baffling was how it couldn’t figure out how to get out.  I got the ladder down and climbed up to see if I could try and shoo it somehow toward the doors.  I had Kris open the side garage door as well as the overhead door so there were clear areas of egress, but it just kept flying from side to side up in the rafters.   

After about 5 minutes of trying to herd it thru one of the doors, I decided to just leave it in there, hoping it would eventually figure it’s way out (and not poop all over the cars in the process).  It must have found its way out, because when I had finished about a half an hour later and was ready to put Kris’s car back in the garage, I went in to look for it first and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I just hope it didn’t fly into a wall, break its neck and die, and I will end up finding it in an empty box in a month when I get the Halloween decorations down (or put the trampoline away).