Thursday, July 13, 2017

Police Report

As I was sitting in a conference room at work waiting for a meeting to begin, one of my co-workers, also from the Falls asked me, “You live on Jacobson, right”.  When I said yes, he proceeded to tell me of a news report he read regarding something that happened on my street a couple of weeks ago.  As he was describing the story from memory, a light bulb went on and I thought, OH! I bet it was the creepy dude done the street (blog link). 

When he got back to his desk, he emailed me the story and while no names or anything else are given, I will go out on a limb and say for sure this is the same guy.  I shared it with both Kris and Sarah and I am thinking about contacting the police and let them know what happened to us.  Sounds like this guy makes it a habit to harass people driving up the road.  Enjoy.  

Menomonee Falls man allegedly spits on woman, injures her in road rage assault
MENOMONEE FALLS - A 33-year-old Menomonee Falls man is facing possible charges after he allegedly threw a 61-year-old woman to the ground and kicked her during a road rage incident on June 21.

The woman told police she was traveling south in the 8500 block of Jacobson Drive at about 3:30 p.m. when the man suddenly opened the driver’s side door of his truck into her lane of traffic, causing her to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting it.

The man immediately became irate and screamed at the woman to slow down as she drove around his truck, and continued screaming at her through her open windows as she drove down the road, a police report says.

When the woman got out of her vehicle and told the man she wasn’t speeding and that he opened his door without looking out for traffic, he spit in her face and used his leg to sweep her leg out from under her and threw her to the ground. Once on the ground, he kicked the woman in her ribs, according to a police report. 

The woman told police the man finally left when she started screaming for someone to call 911. She last saw him walking toward his truck and heard him walk into a residence.

When police arrived, the man refused to come out of his house. He was taken into custody five days later when he came to the police department to file a complaint.

The man told police the woman was the aggressor. He stated she spit at him and grabbed him by the shirt, and he was merely defending himself.

He is facing possible charges of battery and disorderly conduct. The case is under review.

The woman refused medical attention at the scene. She later drove herself to the emergency room, where she was treated for multiple contusions on her hand, arm, knee and ribs, according to a police report.

We will definitely need to keep an eye out for this asshat.  Their house is really an eyesore (grass never cut, junk in the front yard, parking their cars on the font lawn, garbage cans always out at the curb) so maybe we can call the village and get them harassed to the point that they will want to move.