Thursday, September 21, 2017

Another Tour

Since we have been getting conflicting reports on Kris’s dad over the last couple of weeks, we are still continuing to search for a new facility for him to live.  The case worker asked us about a place in Germantown, and honestly we have been dreading the possible tour of the place because we really don’t want him to go there.  It has a not so good reputation and the only way we would even consider moving him there is if we absolutely had to.  Well we were to the point where we felt like we needed to go have a look at it just in case.

We set up the tour with the administrator, who happened to not be there.  Instead we got shown around by someone else.  This was already not starting off well, or at the very least making us feel good about the place.  The woman that took us around showed us the memory wing, and walked us all through the place, and while it seemed nice enough, it still felt very “institutional” and cold.  There was even one person in the memory unit who was screaming out when we walked into the day room, something about do you know where my family is.  I know that this is a memory unit and there are people there suffering from Alzheimers, which is much more of a severe situation than Kris’s dad, but it was still sort of shocking.  I am not sure her dad would do well with that.  Kris even asked her about their “reputation”.  And she came out and admitted that things have not been the best there in the past, but they have a couple of new directors and they are working to change the culture there.  Somehow that didn’t fill me with confidence.

Kris looked up their rating with the state and they had a 2.5 out of 5 rating, that didn’t bode well for them either.  The final straw was Kris talking to some co-workers and getting their opinion.  They basically told us we could not move her father there.  One person had a family member who was staying there in their rehab unit after going thru some sort of surgery and hearing about the terrible care he got.  And he is coherent and was only there for a couple of weeks.  Needless to say, I think we will be passing on this place.