Friday, September 29, 2017

Trampoline Is Closed

How do you know summer is really over?  It’s when the trampoline comes down for the season.  I think if I look back, it is coming down earlier than normal this year, but no one has been on it since school started.  And with all the other things happening, I didn’t have time to get the trampoline taken down in one fell swoop, so I set about taking it down in stages over a couple of days.  Than went much easier.  First was the net.  That wouldn’t have been bad except for having to untie all the stings that were woven in and out of the net to keep it secured to the springs.

Day two was spent removing springs and taking the supports apart.  Both went fairly smoothly.  I did notice that I will definitely need to replace some parts next year.  Some of the spacers between the upper support arms of the net and the legs are crushed/cracked and I should have them replaced.  I also need to order a new net, and maybe a new pad to go on the springs.  I really should make a list and buy them one at a time so when it is time to put it up next year, I don’t have $200 worth of parts to get.