Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fantasy Football

The football season is about to kick off and I am about to draft players for my brother’s fantasy football league.  I was going to skip it this year, as I just don’t have time to review waiver wires, read player injury and status reports etc.  But it is sort of late in the game, so I told my brother that I would hang around for this year, but I think I will be done after this season.  So I asked Ali if she wanted to help me draft players and basically pick lineups every week.  She agreed.  So this is going to be her year.  I am trying to think up a good name to use since all the ones in this league pretty much blow.  Additionally, I had team names that are puns of players’ names.  So I have to come up with a really good one.  I am thinking some sort of a sasquatch related one.  I think I could find a really good logo for that.