Monday, February 15, 2016

Done With Thunderbird

I am finally finished with using Mozilla Thunderbird as my email program.  I have been using it in some form or another for I would guess about the last 15 years, probably longer if you include the time I was using it as the Netscape internet suite.  But over the weekend, I had updated it since I was on version 36 and the current version is 38.5.something or other.  

So after applying the updated, none of my skins would work.  When I went to change them, it locked everything up and erased any graphic interfaces.  So I thought, no problem I'll just reinstall my add-ons and skins.  That was a mistake.  Every time I tried to go in and load a new add-on, or a new personna skin, it caused the program to "close".  And I use close in quotations because the process was still running in the task manager list, but I was unable to open it.  So I had to close it using the task manager and then reopen it.

Basically applying the update to 38.5 messed everything up, and I couldn't revert back to my previous version.  So sadly, and with a heavy heart, I say sayonara to Thunderbird.  I did my best to not have to use Outlook other than at work, but I suppose all good things must come to an end.  Now I'll be spending the next day or two converting my email over to Outlook, so please bear with me.  And that is the other thing that sucks about Outlook, I cannot simply import my mail and settings from Thunderbird.  I have to save all my messages that I want saved/archived as eml files and then cut and paste into Outlook, so I lose all traceability with dates which means I can't sort them.  Thanks Bill Gates, you and your software blow.