Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Getting Ready for High School

Last night was the information night for incoming freshmen at MFHS. Unfortunately, Kris was sick so I had to go alone with Alison and take notes.  I don't know really how much I needed to go since we have been thru it before with Sarah.  The main thing that I wanted to find out about was how Ali would go about applying for the "Healthcare Academy" if she wanted to.  Since they start pushing the kids into their career paths beginning their Freshman year, I wanted to make sure Alison would be able to apply for it since she is talking about wanting to be a doctor.  Sarah wasn't sure that she wanted to get into the healthcare field until after taking biology her sophomore year, and by then she wasn't able to get into that series, or group, of classes.  After sitting thru the presentation by the administrators we went into the cafeteria where a bunch of the groups and clubs were set up to "recruit" freshmen for next year.  They actually had a few good clubs, and there were also a bunch of the lesser known/popular sports teams, like girls golf, and the swim team.  So after walking around and checking all that out, Alison wanted to take a tour of the school, even though we already know our way around.  Now she just has to pass her classes and get out of the 8th grade (which shouldn't be a problem since she has all A's so far).