Monday, February 15, 2016

Finally Finishing DC Project

One "good" thing out of the whole unemployment thing is that I finally have a little bit of time to get Alison's Washington DC Trip DVD completed.  I thought it would be a piece of cake to just put a bunch of photos into a folder, and import them into a program, add some background music, and walla!  Well it didn't work that way.

First, the program I was going to use wouldn't work just right.  I had a bunch of short video clips that people took with their cell phones that I wanted to drop into the project and then just remove the audio track.  Unfortunately, the program I wanted to use would not allow me to do that.  That lead me to have to go and find a different program to use. 

I actually had program that came with my video camera that is about 8 years old (it's hard to believe my video camera is 8 years old, that's just about obsolete in the electronics world).  But that program allows me to combine photos and videos in one project in addition to including my own background music and remove any other audio.  But first I had to update it to the current version, or at least a version that was a little more user friendly.  Then it took a week or two of playing around with it in order to get the hang of using it.  

So I have now begun to load everything and get it organized.  Hopefully I will have it done in about a week.  I currently have about 12 minutes of what I have planned to be a 45-50 minute video.  The hardest thing (I think) will be putting in the music after all the pictures have been organized.  With any luck that will go smoothly.  Maybe I can post some of it when it is done.