Monday, February 22, 2016

Promising Leads

I don't like posting EVERYTHING that is going on, especially since getting laid off, but I have a few things in the works, a few promising leads.  I had a couple of interviews that got call backs for second interviews, and I think that a couple are very promising.  One place I have interviewed was the company that I worked for while I was going to school.  My original plan when I was in school was to just stay there when I graduated and just move into the engineering department.  Unfortunately, things didn't work out that way, but now I am very hopeful that they might finally offer me something.  I had a couple of interviews, but things are moving slow.  I hate working to other people's timetables.  Hopefully they'll get back to me soon.  Or maybe even one of the other places I have gotten callbacks from.  A short time off is nice, but I can't even enjoy it!  I am ready to get back to work.