Saturday, February 11, 2017

End Of The Run

Once again, the girls gave it their all in their performance, but the run had to come to an end sometime, and the time was now, after the semis. I don’t profess to know anything about judging cheerleading, but I would have said that our girls were right on the bubble. There were some teams that I would have considered questionable and others I had a feeling have a history, or a tradition, of being a strong program so they got the benefit of the doubt. So when the final schools were announced, Menomonee Falls was not among them, unfortunately. But I have to say that the girls were in great spirits and they didn’t seem bothered or upset at all. Ali told us they were happy that they even made it to the semis, they had fun, and it was a great experience. That is a pretty good attitude to have, especially considering there were a couple other teams that were in tears because they didn’t make it to the finals. However, that changed a little bit when they found out that they had missed out on making the finals by something like 2 points. Again, not knowing anything about cheerleading judging/scoring, I don’t know if 2 points is a lot or a little, but the girls seem to think it wasn’t a lot.

They still had fun, and it is an experience that they are certainly going to remember. Congratulations girls!