Friday, February 10, 2017


Since the girls wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom one more time when we came to Disney in December, Kris and I decided to hit EPCOT when we were there for Ali’s UCA Nationals. I always liked EPCOT the best, though after this last time, that might change. It was not very crowded, as opposed to being at the Magic Kingdom over Christmas, but something just didn’t seem all that fun about being there. Maybe it was because the girls weren’t along, maybe it was because the rides are all the same and we have been on them several times, maybe because it was just too much walking around. Whatever the reason, Kris and I only made it about half the day there, which based on the price of the tickets is not a good value.

We started out with Soarin’ because I had heard they changed the film/experience since the last time we were there. That was very cool. Though I always come away feeling like they try to jam too much into the experience. Flying over the pyramids, over the rain forests, over the African savannah. I think that they could do sort of what the Tower of Terror does and have several different experiences and spend more time “soarin’” over fewer things, and let the guests choose the number, 1 thru 5 for example, of the one they want to do. That is one way to keep it fresh, and also keep guests coming back. Just my $.02 for Disney.

After Soarin’ we had to go see the “new” Frozen attraction in the Norway/Viking area. What a let down that was. I had heard last summer that people were waiting in line for 3+ hours to go on it, and all the attraction is, is a water ride thru some animatronic scenes from the movie Frozen while the music from the movie plays in the background. I thought, “this is what people waited in line for hours for?” There was one drop in the flume where the people sitting in front of us got soaked (thank goodness it wasn’t us). I remember that drop from the Norway/Troll ride that was there before, but I don’t remember getting wet. And if it weren’t for the waves rebounding back off the wall as we went down, the boat wouldn’t have gotten wet that time either. Maybe that is what set the tone for me. But the rest of the day was spent walking around the park looking for attractions to go on, and things to see. All very hum-drum.

They were having an art festival there at the time as well, and I thought that would be something different. It was like when the Falls does the Art in the Park artist’s festival in the summer. Lots of painters, sculptors, etc. with booths set up around the park showcasing their work. But I just didn’t feel like looking. At least we had a sunny day to walk around.