Monday, January 1, 2018

End Of The Season

Just like always putting up the Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, the first of the year signifies the end of the Christmas season in the Hahn house.  This year, I thought I would go slowly and do each ornament, one at a time to prevent to disaster we had a couple of years ago with the cat (find link).  I also wasn’t sure exactly what to do with the lights on the tree.  I didn’t know if I should take them down and store them in a bin, or if I should leave them wound/wired into the tree.  I decided to take them down/off and rewind them in the tree next year.  Mainly because I had a few lights sticking off the ends of some of the larger, lower branches, and we had Samson chewing on them.  In fact, he cracked one of them.  It’s a good thing that the LEDs aren’t glass.

As I was getting the ornaments off and packed away, I got a call from Sarah about her car (noted in the next entry).  After some time and some crying I had to take a break and run to Madison.  So by the time we got back, I was only able to get the ornaments and lights off and put away.  The tree itself will have to wait another day.  It’s a good thing I am off tomorrow.  Just think, in 11 months we get to do this all over again!