Thursday, December 29, 2016

Daytona is sort of…. Seedy

I don’t know if the people that live there make a big distinction between Daytona, and Daytona Beach, but let’s just say the whole area that we drove up and down the beach looked a little sketchy. We ended up parking a public lot right next to the beach, next to a run-down looking hotel. It was a little scary pulling up and parking next to a couple of black guys who were just sitting in their car, windows blacked out, listening to rap music. It seemed odd to me that they were just sitting there. But I made sure to lock everything up before we walked down to the beach.

When we got to the beach, it dawned on me that I left the Garmin on the windshield mount, which probably wasn’t the best idea. So I ran back up to the car to get it. As I got up the steps, to the parking lot, I walked past a big, shirtless black guy with a big ‘fro who had a skinny white guy cornered against the cinder block wall surrounding the parking lot. I tried my best not to stare, or look at them, because it looked like something shady was going down. I heard the black guy saying “I provided you a service”, and something about being paid. Then there was “At this point I want the hat”, assuming he was referring to the skinny dude’s Oakland Raiders baseball cap. Like I said, I made my way away from there as fast as I could. I got the feeling it was some sort of drug deal, and the white guy wasn’t paying up for what he got. About ten minutes later I saw the same, shirtless black dude walking down the beach away from us wearing an Oakland Raiders baseball hat, presumably the one the white guy had on his head when I was up by the car earlier. At least there wasn’t a body, or any cop cars in the parking lot when we left.