Sunday, October 15, 2017

Homecoming Drama

Alison’s homecoming drama went off last night fairly well.  While I wasn’t exactly happy with a couple of the friends she was going with, things went fine for the most part.  The only problem was taking pictures.  I had inadvertently flipped my focus from auto to manual so what I thought were pictures that had auto-focused turned out to be just big blurs.  Hopefully Ali will send a couple for us from her phone that her friends’ parents took.  The only real drama came from one of the parents trying to move the kids along because they had dinner reservations and it was going to take 20 minutes or so to drive there.  She made a remark about how it was time they started acting responsible.  Well that didn’t go over well with the parents of the girl to whom she said it.  We didn’t see it, but apparently there was a big of an argument that ensued because of it.

We managed to get Ali to the restaurant on time, and we hung out for a bit to give her a ride back to one of her friend’s houses to wait until they could go to the dance.  Then apparently, the nasty girl who was causing all the problems in the first place saw Alison walking in with a duffel bag of clothes (she was going to an after party at a friend’s house) and the girls asked her why she had a bag.  Ali told her she was going to a party after the dance.  The nasty one asked where.  It just so happened to be where she was going as well.  I bet it galled her to not be able to control that.

At the boy’s house afterward, the boy’s mom said something to Alison about pictures she was doing for them, or something along those lines.  I didn’t quite understand what Ali was explaining.  But then Ali said that she wasn’t with the group when they took the pictures before the dance.  When the mother asked why, Alison explained the whole ordeal, which in turn, apparently, really got her steamed.  She asked Alison if she wanted her to go and talk to this particular, nasty little girl, and Alison proved to be the bigger person.  She said, no, that’s OK, it’s over and done.

Ali did tell me that her friends were already talking about next year and making their plans together early so they don’t have to worry about this other girl “dictating” to them who could go and who couldn’t, and all the other BS that goes along with it.  So that’s the end of Homecoming 2017.  Next year will be just around the corner.