Sunday, October 29, 2017


No, not David S. Pumpkins... 

I am talking about the pumpkins we bought for jack-o-lanterns.  We bought them three weeks ago because all the good shaped, carving pumpkins were beginning to disappear.  I actually got them at the grocery store instead of trying to find a local pumpkin farm.  But with all the other stuff we have happening right now (Indian Invite planning, moving Kris’s dad, in addition to all the other everyday trials and tribulations of life) I had no idea how I would have time to get pumpkins carved, but I did.  This year, the jack-o-lanterns are going to be rather unspectacular.  I decided to go with pretty plain designs, just because I needed to do them quickly.  The only one that took a little bit of work was the one Alison wanted.  She always finds patterns that entail a lot of detailed carving.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the expertise to do shaving into the outer rind in order to get the detail needed, so I did my best to get one for her that I could do fast, but still had a degree of spookiness.

I got three of the four done tonight, and the remaining one was gutted and just needs to have the design carved in.  I should be able to get that done after work tomorrow, so as soon as I have it finished, I’ll post pictures of this year’s effort.