Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mean Girls

As Homecoming is approaching next week, we found out today that Alison is still unsure of her plans.  Last year she went with a large group of friends, and was planning on doing the same this year.  However, one girl (who incidentally was not part of the group that she went with last year) had decided to have a dinner catered at her house (or more like her parents did).  She invited some of Ali’s friends and requested that they give her a list of people that should be included.  Her friends included Alison’s name, but when people were being invited, this girl did not include Ali.  There were going to be in the neighborhood of 30+ people there to take pictures beforehand, then have dinner there before going to the school for the dance.

As I said, several of Alison’s friends were invited, and they all wanted Ali to come along.  So some of her friends thought of a good idea so she could be with them.  One of her friends who is going (who is a boy by the way) asked Alison to go as his date.  Problem solved, right? Wrong!  Apparently when this little snot found out that Alison was going to be this boy’s date, he was uninvited to the gathering beforehand.

So rather than make a big ordeal out of things, Ali just decided to go with a few other friends who were going out to eat at a restaurant beforehand.  I feel bad for her and her friends because they are all letting this little snot of a girl dictate to them what their plans are going to be (and believe me, little snot is a nice word for what we are referring to this girl as, and her parents, in the confines of our home).  Planning for next year is beginning as I write this so that Alison and her friends don’t have to be subjected to the will of a girl who feels she needs to buy friends because she is such a spoiled brat that she feels the need to tell everyone else what their plans will be and what they will be doing.