Saturday, June 24, 2017

Samsung Sucks!

We started having trouble with our TV a couple of months ago.  It has progressively gotten worse.  In an attempt to troubleshoot, I went thru all of the online FAQs and help menus, read thru the manual, and found nothing.  So I turned to Samsung directly.  I clicked the "Contact Us" link from the help page and sent them a long email describing in detail what the problem was that we have been experiencing.  The site said I would receive a response in 48 hours.  Well they lied.  I even waited an extra 48 hours before trying to contact them again, and again I got no response.  I even went to their community forums on the Samsung website and posted my problem in the help forum, hoping to get a reply from someone at Samsung.  Nope.  Nothing.  For purposes of shaming the company, this is what I wrote:
I have a Samsung 55" LED TV, Model UN55D6420 that was purchased in 2012.  About a month ago I started experiencing an issue where the power would suddenly turn off and then back on.  At first it would shut off, and then try to turn back on, making the "clicking" sound when the TV is normally turned on, cycling a couple of times, eventually coming back on.  It would happen intermittently but usually would only last 20 seconds or so.  Recently is has been happening more frequently and for longer periods of time (today it took roughly 6 hours for the power to come on).  When it is going thru this "cycling" the only way to get it to stop is to pull the power cable and let the residual power drain as it cycles another 2 or 3 times.  Usually I will let it sit unplugged for a few minutes and then plug it back in, where it may come back on, or it may continue the "cycling".  When ti cycles, the red LED in the corner when the TV is off, will click and go off, then after a few seconds, it flashes a couple of times, then clicks and starts the process over again.  I have let the process continue as long a 30 minutes without the picture ever coming back on.
I have tried all the suggestions listed on the forum, changing outlets, unplugging all other peripherals (cable box, Blu-Ray, etc.), left the TV unplugged for some time (as much as 4 hours), made sure all the software was updated, reset to the factory settings, etc.  and yet the problem persists.  Also, when the TV is going thru this "cycling", none of the other buttons will work, either on the remote, nor on the side/back of the TV, which is why I have to pull the plug to give it a rest if it doesn't come back on right away.
I have tried searching for solutions online and don't see many simple options, and I really don't want to crack the back on my own and start poking around.  I really like the TV, and other than this powering off and on, I have had no problems with it.  Any suggestions short of having to spend more money on a new TV?
Pretty straightforward right?  And not even a reply saying they didn't know, or they would need to have the TV brought in to a service center to be reviewed before making a guess at what might be wrong.

I even took to Twitter to try shaming them, and got no response.  Maybe that is why they are losing market share?  If this is how they treat people who already have purchased their products, how do they ever expect to win over people who haven't purchased a Samsung before.  I can tell you I won't be buying another Samsung product... EVER... AGAIN!  YOU SUCK SAMSUNG!