Sunday, June 11, 2017

Washing The Fence

Since I am getting caught up with all the items on my to do list around the house, it was time to finally wash the fence.  I had done the side facing the house and yard a couple of years ago, and it took me a whole day to finish, which may be why I put it off as long as I did.  The side of the fence facing the neighbors on the original length we put in has never been done, or at least never been fully done.  I tested out some fence cleaning spray a couple of years ago on the first couple of sections.  But the remainder was still a mess.  There was dirt, moss, and mildew (at least I think it was mildew, maybe it was mold?) all over the panels.  So it really was about time it got done.  A bottle of simple green, and the remainder of the fence cleaner along with a scrub brush and about 3-4 hours took care of everything.  So now the neighbors don’t have to look at a disgusting panel of blech!  It could be worse though, because there is a house behind us that actually had a couple of their panels rot totally thru, which is another reason I am glad we chose to go with the vinyl fencing instead… It doesn’t rot and cleans rather easily.