Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy 15th Birthday

Today Alison turns 15 years old.  I actually took the day off so I ended up carting her around.  What did she want to do you might ask?  Well she wanted to drive downtown and to the lakefront to take pictures.  So that was what we did.  At the Art Museum, downtown Milwaukee, and a stop at Lake Park.  Then it was just driving around to get there.  Of course, with all the construction and what not going on downtown, parking was ridiculous, but we eventually got thru it.

Then Ali wanted to have some friends over and hang out at night.  So she invited a bunch of kids, I think the total was going to be in the neighborhood or 14?  But all the boys she invited backed out.  We did manage to get her picture taken with her cake though before everyone came.

Happy Birthday Alison!