Friday, August 18, 2017


As Kris was trying to get more information about things for her dad and maybe see if there was a way to appeal his rejection at the facility in Germantown, another family member had mentioned to her something about checking with an official ombudsman.  I had heard of them before, but I thought that they only helped out those who had not friends or family.  In fact, I wasn’t even sure exactly what they were.

So after looking it up Kris ended up contacting the “official ombudsman” for our county.  Apparently this person was very knowledgeable about the rules and laws as they apply to the elderly and elder care.  Unfortunately, not much could be done about the facility in Germantown because they aren’t approved for TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients/residents.  That would have been helpful to know before going there.  Although I would have thought that the director should have known that.  But it looks as if that option is exhausted, at least for now. 

She then started talking to Kris about her dad’s situation at the Arboretum.  That was VERY informative apparently.  Because according to her, the Arboretum cannot just force her dad out.  They are approved for the type of care that her dad needs that they apparently were saying they cannot provide him.  Sort of like saying “we have cheeseburgers on the menu, and then saying sorry, we can’t give you a cheeseburger because we don’t make them”. 

So she is going to see what she can find out for her dad to at least buy us a little more time to get him moved into a new place.  I am thankful for that at least because it allows us to still be a little more selective about where he will go instead of just being forced to take the first thing that would be available, regardless of whether we like the pace or not.