Sunday, August 13, 2017

The 200 Level

Our tickets for the Brewers game from the company had us in the 200 Level, down the right field line.  When I saw the location, my initial thought was, well these won’t be too bad.  When we finally got to our section I changed my mind.

We ended up being in the last row of the section, which happened to be under the 300 level overhang.  This meant that there was a speaker hanging down in front of us that was obstructing our view of the scoreboard.  Our view of the right field corner was also blocked too, which was sort of a drag.  But that was something I guess I could deal with.  What was annoying as all get out though was the other fans around us. 

First, there were three old timers sitting in the handicapped seating right behind us on the concourse level.  They actually sounded drunk in the first inning, but that may have just been them.  But they were loud, and when I say loud, I mean LOUD!  It was like they were yelling every word.  And the things they were saying…  It was like having Cliff Clavin sitting behind us.  Additionally, the crowd buzz up there was very distracting.  Maybe I noticed it more because I wasn’t happy with the guys behind us, or maybe it was just loud and I don’t usually notice it because I am engaged with what is happening on the field.  I’m not sure.

Secondly, the people that were constantly going up and down the steps to the section was ridiculous.  Does no one watch the game in the 200 level????  People constantly getting up, then walking back down.  Normally when Kris and I go to games, we usually sit in the 100 level behind the plate, or at least between the dugouts.  Maybe it is just the people there, but the fans in those seats will wait until between innings to get up.  Or at the very least in between batters so that they aren’t blocking the view for other fans.  I guess they don’t care about that up in the 200 level.

Finally, I wanted a soda to drink during the game, not a beer.  But I didn’t want a cup, I wanted a 20 oz. bottle.  I thought we would see a vendor come around, but after almost two innings, no one came around, so I thought I’ll just go find a concession stand with a cooler and buy one.  Well, not on the 200 level.  They had ONLY cups of fountain soda.  If I wanted a bottle of something it would have had to be water.  But I knew of one spot down on the main level that had bottled soda, so I took a walk.  I had to go from the right field side down near the foul pole to the left field side on the first level behind the visitor dugout.  It took an entire inning to get there and back. 

I shouldn’t complain, because I didn’t actually pay for the tickets, and I am grateful that Badger Meter picked up the tab.  But there is a reason I usually sit where I sit.