Friday, May 26, 2017


Memorial Day weekend is hear, which means it is time to put up the trampoline.  Or it is normally the time I put up the trampoline for the girls.  This year, I think we’ll be a little bit delayed.  Since it has been such a wet spring, the ground is still very wet.  The guy behind us has had standing water in his yard since the snow melted.  I think there must have only been about a week where it had dried up to the point where he actually cut his grass.  I just cut my grass and my feet squished as I was pushing the mowed.  Which also means that have a couple hundred pounds of metal being rammed into the ground as people jump on it will not be good for the yard.  Ali is begging me to get it put up, but I am not about the set it up and have 3” depressions pressed into the ground as she (and Sarah) bounce away on it.  I should actually just put some blocks in the grass for the legs to set upon, Then I wouldn’t need to worry about it.