Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Governmental Red Tape

Since we are the ones handling all of Kris’s dad’s care, we have realized that we have finally reached the point where we need to start looking into getting him on some sort of govt. assistance.  In the just over six years of being at the assisted living community, he has burned thru almost all of his savings.  It is amazing what sorts of things they charge him for there and the little bit that he gets for it.

Anyway, Kris began looking into what agencies she needs to get in touch with and what sort of paperwork will need to get filled out.  Apparently, his finances need to be at a certain level before we can even submit his paperwork to be reviewed, so we still have a couple of months before that happens.  But after seeing what is needed to submit, it is going to take us that long to get all the records and fill out all the forms.  At least we have the basic information that we are going to need, and that’s a start.