Saturday, June 4, 2016

Holy Realtor

Looking thru the mail today I saw a real estate ad post card from Berkshire Hathaway.  I didn't think anything of it at first, and I don't normally look at them very closely.  I will usually look at them mainly because they will show that there is a house in the neighborhood that sold and it will list the price, so I have an idea about the value of homes around us.  However, when I looked at this card a little closer, I noticed the realtor name and thought it looked familiar.  After thinking for about 10 seconds it hit me.  I gave it to Kris and told her to look at the name.  It was the name of the priest who married us 21 years ago.  She laughed and said, no way.  It couldn't be the same guy.  But after reading the ad and biography of the realtor, yes, it was.  Apparently our priest has left the curch and is now selling real estate.  So the joke is now "Are we still married, or not?"  I guess when it comes time to think about looking for a new home, we'll know who to call.  How could you not trust a guy who used to be a priest, right?  Or maybe we shouldn't trust him because he's no longer a priest?  nah, He was a good guy.  We'll have the holy hook-up.  So I hope he does a good job in his new profession!