Monday, June 13, 2016

Party Time

Now that school is over and graduation is complete, it was time to throw Sarah’s graduation party.  She told us she had invited about 50 people in addition to the friends and family that would be coming, so Kris loaded up on food, drinks, cake, etc…  It started out pretty cool (wish it would have been like that yesterday) but by the end of the day it had at least cleared up a little bit.  It wasn’t all that bad, and it was fun to see people I hadn’t seen in years.  But not nearly as many people showed up as what we were expecting.  I suppose I should have realized that because being the day after graduation, there would be a lot of other parties going on at the same time.  Sarah said there were at least 5 other parties that she knew of that were happening the same time as hers.  I guess it’s hard to hit them all.  But now we’ll have lots of extra food and I will have beer to drink for the next six months (No we didn’t get that much beer, I just don’t drink much).  One thing I realized while Kris and I were busy cleaning up around 10:00 was that we didn’t get any pictures.  We were all busy visiting and making sure people had food, etc. that we didn’t get any pictures with Sarah, her friends, any family…  none.  So that makes me a little sad.  Hopefully Sarah or some of her friends, or other family members did.