Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Chipmunk

For the longest time we have been chipmunk-free.  I’d have to go back and actually look thru all the previous entries, but it must be about two years at least since I have had the chipmunk traps out.  I have been noticing lately over the past week or so that there is a new chipmunk scurrying around the backyard.  It will sit under the bird feeders eating and collecting the seed that drops on the ground.  The cats will sit on the table and watch it, chirping at it the way cats do (cat people know what this is like).  I feel bad for them because I am sure they’d like to chase after it, for sure.

I have decided to just let it be rather than get the traps out.  Mainly because it isn’t digging up Kris’s flowers (that’s the squirrels doing that).  It actually lives (if you can call it living) at the next door neighbor’s.  At least I think it does.  I have seen it come out from under the shrubs in the front of their house, run across the driveway, along the pavers that are on the side of our house, under the fence, and into the backyard.  Then it will dart out under the feeders.  It has even earned how to climb the shepherd’s hook and get into the feeder to get the seed it wants.  I feel like I should reward the effort, and so as long as it isn’t digging up the shrubs, or Kris’s flowers, why should I care, right?  Congratulations Mr. Chipmunk, you get to live another day.