Thursday, June 2, 2016

Senior Skip Day Hooray

Another high school tradition is the Senior Skip Day, and yesterday was Sarah's.  I don't know if Kris said she ever had one (I want to say she did) but I know we had one.  I ended up calling Sarah in sick (shhhh!  don't tell anyone).  She had tickets to go to the Brewers afternoon game vs. the Cardinals with about 50 other kids (the Brewers actually won by the way).  My only warning was to not post pictures anywhere (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that would turn up online anywhere and prove she was obviously not sick.

Apparently in the Falls, the Senior Skip Day is an agreed upon day by the senior class to all call in sick.  My skip day was something that was more of a "sanctioned day" by my school.  At the end of the year all the classes would go and do their class field trips.  The seniors however were graduating (obviously) and thus didn't have a field trip scheduled.  However, we were still required to show up to school (technically).  So on that day when all the other class were out doing their things, the seniors all called in sick, so the administration just sort of looked the other way, because it was a day off for them as well.  However, we had a class of 66 kids, as opposed to Sarah's class which is 323.  They had to be a little more "stealthy" about the whole thing.  I still felt bad calling her in, like I was contributing to delinquency or something.  Maybe when it comes time for Alison's skip day in four years, I'll let Kris handle it.