Friday, April 1, 2016

Another Repair

Since Sarah is away and doesn't need her car, it is the perfect time to get it in to have the thermostat and fixed.  I did get some potentially good news however.  When the mechanic got in to have a close look at things, he thinks that one of the problems may be causing the other.  Apparently, the thermostat is never really getting up to "operating temperature".  As a result, the on board computer doesn't know that the the engine is running in the proper temperature range and is mixing the fuel improperly.  So that could be the problem with the oxygen sensor.  The hope is that once the thermostat is fixed, that the correct signals will get sent to the computer and the fuel mix will be adjusted correctly without having to replace the sensor.  So that can potentially save us a couple hundred bucks.  Finally some good news about that car.