Monday, April 18, 2016

AP Exam Time

In a couple of weeks Sarah will be taking her AP exams.  If scores high enough on the tests, she'll get college credit for the classes in high school.  However, she is also going to be taking her UW placement tests in a couple of weeks too.  So I don't exactly know how that will work if she gets credit for her math class, but then gets placed into some other math class based on her placement tests.  She had to schedule her placement tests ahead of time and I think she is going to take Math and English, at least that is usually what you have to take.  She also registered to take the Spanish placement, but I don't know if she'll actually take it or not.

It would seem to me that if she scored high enough with her calculus test that she really wouldn't even need to take the math placement test.  I suppose it is something that we don't need to worry about until she actually gets her scores.  It would really stink if she had to take the exam and still gets placed in algebra when she would get credit for a higher level class.