Friday, April 29, 2016

Fixed The Grill

I finally got around to fixing the grill when I was outside getting things cleaned up.  I was debating whether or not I should actually fix it, or just go and buy a new one.  The current grill is something like 15 years old and has seen two burner replacements, a charcoal/lava rock grate replacement, and the cooking grill/surface has been replaced.  After evaluating the cost of a new one, I decided to go with the "fix it" option, because I already have the JB Weld to fix the current grill while a new one would have cost a minimum of $200.  Not a tough call really.  I suppose I will keep the idea of a new one on the "back burner" (no pun intended) and maybe by the fall, I can get a new one when they are on clearance for the season.

So it took a little bit of doing to get the break in the bowl lined up and then getting it set so it will stay in place while the epoxy dries.  I got it done and checked a day later.  I ended up needing to give it a second coat, or application, because some of what I had put on the crack "dripped" or ran while it was holding.  So now there is a bit of a divot at the top of the crack from where the epoxy flowed while it was still in the liquid state and not quite dry yet.  So I mixed up a little bit more and this time I let it sit and thicken before I spread it in the crack so I could smooth it out and be sure it wouldn't drip again.  So far so good.  So looks like I'll get another season of grilling out of it.