Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"New" Computers

After I had my laptop crash I took a look at the other computers in the house.  I think that it may be time to upgrade Kris's desktop since it is older than even my first laptop.  I remember getting the girls' computer the same time that I bought my first laptop.  That was, if memory serves me, the summer before Sarah started 6th grade so she would have a computer rto do her school work on and wouldn't need to fight with Kris to use hers.  Kris's desktop is at least a year older than that.  I have upgraded her operating system a couple of times, and I think it originally came with Windows 98.  I then had it running XP for the longest time and finally upgraded it to Vista about a year ago.  Since I have heard the Microsoft is phasing out its support of Vista, and my new laptop has Windows 10, I guess that it is about time to finally get the other computers in the house upgraded.  

I am debating whether to get a second desktop for Ali (since Sarah will be gone away at college this fall) or maybe buy a laptop for her to do her school work,  She will end up getting one thru the school district next year, but if she ends up having the same kind of problems that Sarah had with hers for the last couple of years, I would just use the "technology fee" toward getting her a laptop of her own.  Maybe I just need to bite the bullet.  It is just a matter of time while I figure out exactly what is going to work best.