Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cheer Tryouts

Alison had High School cheer tryouts today.  She has been working hard for the last week or so on the routine and the other skills that they are going to be judged on at her tryout.  There was a clinic the coaches held earlier in the week where they reviewed the routine and other things.  This year, they had to learn the routine on their own so that the coaches didn't have to waste practice time instructing on the moves of the routine.

Ali also, in addition to the cheer tryout, had a track meet.  So she had to go right to that from her tryout.  Luckily it was a Wednesday which meant a short school day.  And because of that, the tryouts were held a little early, and Alison was able to have her tryout scheduled early (there were a couple other girls who run track too) so that she could make the meet in plenty of time.  The tryout consisted of (I think) a cheer, the school song and the associated dance routine that goes with it.  I don't think there was any tumbling to be judged, although I think they had to let the coaches know what sort of skills they had (moves/ they could do).  From what we are told, they can make the Varsity squad without having their tumbling skills but they cannot participate in competitions.  I suppose that requirement along would put Ali on the JV team, but we'll see what happens. 

As soon as her tryout was done, she headed right over to the track to get ready for the meet.  I am told she'll find out later tonight if and what squad she made (JV or Varsity).  So Kris and I are keeping our fingers crossed.