Monday, May 2, 2016

Time to Move?

No, we are not considering a move, we are thinking about moving Kris' dad.  We have been thinking about it for some time, and that it may be time to move him from his current living situation.  Ever since his second stroke, he has just seemed to need more care and we don't think he is getting it at the facility he is at right now.  It is a nice enough place, but it has seemed that over the past year or so things have slowly been going downhill (even before he had his stroke).  The nursing care/staff has been turning over and the quality of the new people they have been hiring just seems a little less than adequate for my tastes.  And all of the directors have been summarily "escorted out" (or so we have heard) so there is something going on there.  Finally, they have changed some of the policies & guidelines so gthat we feel as if he may be to the point of needing more care than they can provide.  

Kris has been starting to look around at some of the other places in the area to see if there are any that can off the type of care he needs and still fall within his budget.  Hopefully we can find somethingin a timely manner.