Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Moving Prep

We went to tour a senior living facility for Kris's dad tonight after work.  It is in Germantown, and actually only a few miles from our house.  It's a little farther than the mile it is to the community he is at now, but it wouldn't be like having to drive half an hour just to go and visit, or check up on him, so we would still be able to easily visit.

It really did look pretty wonderful.  I would guess it is a newer building, and only has about 20 residents.  It is open, bright, and airy; much different than the apartment he is in right now.  And the director there that we met seems to be very hands on, helping to care for the residents, and involved in the day to day happenings.  At his current community, things are quite different.  The director of the area/wing that he lives in is much more of an "administrator".  I am sure she is an actual nurse, but I think that the more you get to work in management, the farther away you get from actually inderstanding, or relating to the residents.  

So everything looked really good, and Kris took the paperwork to apply for residency.  We don't know when something might open up there, but at the very least we would like to get the paperwork process started so if we can move him, we would have that choice.  I think he would like it there much more as well, I know we would feel more comfortable having him there.