Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Done With Hoses

During the course of cleaning up from the winter and getting the yard in order I was putting out the garden hoses.  For the past two or three years I have been using the expandable, pocket hoses and they have been awesome.  They never tangle, they store quite easily and they also are quite easy to move about.  However, the only drawback is the price.  That and the durability of them.  Because it seems that they are only good for a year.  I am not sure if it has been three or four that I have had, but after about a year, they have all burst.  I don't know if it is the cold that weakens them, or stretching them, but that all eventually blow open.  And for the cost, I just can't see spending another $20 to get a hose for the year.  So it is back to using the regular hoses.  And I have to say they stink!  I have gotten very used to not having to worry about rolling up a hose, and having to move it about being careful not to hook anything, or end up with kinks while moving.  It is going to be a long summer of watering flowers and grass, etc. with the old, crummy hoses.