Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Aftermath

After I got things with Sarah's car figured out, it was time to clean up.  I ended up buying 60 pounds of kitty litter and spreading it all over the garage to soak up the transmission fluid.  That worked pretty well, but it still left a film, if you will, on the ground.  I wasn't quite sure how to clean that other than using Dawn dishwashing soap.  I actually had a bottle of spray degreaser for cleaning engines, which I used first.  That worked good, but I needed something that would do a much larger area.  That was when I broke out the Dawn.

I spent the next 4 and a half hours spray, scrubbing, rinsing, etc. the garage, and the trail of fluid down the driveway.  I think that I got most everything cleaned up.  There are probably still going to be a few stains, but nothing like what was there before I started.  I also noticed that As I would spray out cracks, more oil would surface.  So it will probably be an ongoing process for all of it to dissipate, sort of like how the USS Arizona still leaks oil after 75 years. 

As I was cleaning everything, I was angry, but I couldn't help but think back to when I was her age and I ended up cracking the block of my dad's truck.  The radiator was overheating but I thought I would be able to make it home because the air was still moving over the engine as I drove down the highway coming home from Oshkosh.  It ended up dying a couple of miles south of Neenah on hwy. 41 and ultimately, found out that I had cracked the engine block.  My dad was not happy with me at all.  I wasn't happy with Sarah, but if she didn't know she couldn't (or shouldn't) drive her car once she saw it was leaking, I guess I can't be too angry.  I am more angry that she felt the need to punch it coming out of that girl's driveway, rather than putting her windows down so she could at the very least see out of her mirrors.

But, it's water under the bridge now, and as I said, I just hope she ended up learning a little something.