Sunday, May 8, 2016

Church or a Concert

Since I am going to be Lillie's Godfather and it is only a week before the ceremony, I had to rush right out to find a gift for her.  I did a quick search online but the shipping costs were too much to have things shipped right away so it would be here in time.  The result was to go up to the Catholic staple, Holy Hill, and see what they might have in the gift shop.  I checked the hours of the store online and it said they were actually open on Sunday from 9:00-5:00.  I was actually expecting it to be closed, but I guess even Catholics need to make a buck.

It really is the only place I know close by that deals strictly with Catholic things.  There is a Christian bookstore in Milwaukee where Kris and I had gone to get gifts before, but we found out by accident that they didn't sell Catholic items there and they were a Lutheran store when we needed to get a nice, fancy rosary.

I have never been to Holy Hill on a weekend, mainly because of the traffic.  It really gets crazy around there for masses.  When we got there we were directed to a large, gravel parking lot by a couple of guys with walkie talkies and wearing high visibility, yellow traffic vests.  And as we were driving in, we actually passed a family that was grilling out.  The parking lot was really something like a concert at Alpine Valley back in the late 80's.  It was pretty funny actually.
We had to walk up the hill to get to the shop but at least we were able to find something, a cute little rosary bracelet.  I am sure she won't be able to wear it for a while, and probably never will, it's really more of a keepsake.  Hopefully if we ever come back on a weekend, there won't be people smoking weed in the parking lot (just kidding, I don't want God to strike me down!).